This is a donation piece, which means that I donate the full sale price to an organizaiton that supports connecting people to the arts or the environment. In this case, the Nature Conservancy, protecting wild lands in 79 different countries and territories since 1951. 


This 12" x 30" hand colored woodblock print was inspired by the Magpies that frequent the skies over the Methow Valley. This intelligent corvid with her dramatic plumage always makes a bluebird day a magpie day! 


To inquire about custom framing for an additional cost, please email Janet.


The #ArtistSupportPledge was launched by Matthew Burrows to help mitigate the stress Artists globally are feeling due to lost sales and work due to the pandemic. It is a concept where any artist can simply post images of artwork for sale under $200 (excluding shipping) and every time returning 20% of their sales from the Pledge to other Artists.

Methow Magpie